: A video deep dive into what the emergence of social sites such as Reddit mean for Occupy Wall Street 2.0


When the New York Police Department cleared the last protesters from Zuccotti Park on Nov. 15, it informally put an end to Occupy Wall Street, but the batons and hoses didn’t quash the movement designed to fight Wall Street’s putative role in creating a massive wealth gap, it merely shifted it to the digital realm.

10 years later, just log on to Reddit and behold the new Zuccotti; message boards teeming with individual investors who are educating each other on market structure and using meme stocks like GameStop
AMC Entertainment

amongst others to send Wall Street the old message that the system is still rigged and they are going to do something about it this time.

As I wrote on Sept. 17th, the spirit of Occupy has seeped into the WallStreetBets scene and is acting like a galvanizing force in the meme-stock movement that pits Davids versus finance’s Goliaths.

On this episode of MemeMarkets, we take a deep dive into what this means for the future of retail investors and anti-Wall Street activism.

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