: America’s poverty rate just reached the highest level since the pandemic began and the spending life of U.S. teens: Chick-fil-A, Nike and bitcoin


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Young, healthy adults will be deliberately reinfected with COVID-19 to boost vaccine development

Researchers at the University of Oxford have launched a “human challenge” trial to investigate what happens when someone who has recovered from COVID-19 is re-exposed to the virus Read More

Johnson & Johnson vaccine ‘pause’ isn’t crimping confidence in the vaccination process, survey says

A CDC advisory committee is scheduled to meet Friday to discuss what’s next for the J&J shot. Read More

The spending life of U.S. teens: Chick-fil-A, Nike and bitcoin

American teens are spending their money on chicken sandwiches from Chick-fil-A, athletic gear from Nike and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Read More

New Yorkers are using public transit at their highest rates in over a year

Meanwhile, public transit ridership in Miami has fully recovered to its pre-pandemic levels. Read More

Despite falling unemployment, America’s poverty rate just reached the highest level since the pandemic began

‘This disconnect between poverty and unemployment is not surprising.’ Read More

‘We’re still blazing the trail’: Joe Biden wants to create millions of infrastructure jobs — but will his plan help women rejoin the workforce?

Women have a lot to gain from entering the male-dominated field but pervasive of harassment and overt discrimination may stand in their way, experts told MarketWatch.
Read More

This is where Americans pay the most for condo insurance — it’s not California or New York

Across the country, the cost of condo insurance varies widely based on where you live. Read More

‘I vow to fight for full custody of my kids’: I married my wife THRICE to bring her to the U.S. — she surprised me with divorce

‘I came to the U.S. on a working visa in 2005, working day and night to earn an honest living and achieve the American dream.’
Read More

My boyfriend agreed to go part time to look after my teenage kids. I paid him $650 a month. We split up — now he’s crying foul

‘Since we have separated, I gave him a car, paid for his phone, and paid for his car insurance and health insurance’ Read More

Even if you’re vaccinated, here’s how COVID safety rules can still put a damper on your travel plans

A vaccination plus the CDC’s low-risk designation don’t add up to the key to unlocking your dream vacation. Here’s what you should know before you jump on a plane. Read More

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