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Emissions-free off-roading may be a thing of the not-too-distant future. At least that’s the promise of the Jeep Magneto electric concept vehicle.

The Magneto is similar to a standard gas-fueled Wrangler Rubicon, albeit with an electric motor and four battery packs installed in place of the standard V6. Truly unique for an electric vehicle, a 6-speed manual transmission delivers power to the wheels. Jeep says the conventional clutch works as it would in a gasoline-powered vehicle. The design of the electric powertrain replicates the type of performance drivers would get from a V6.

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The battery packs are mostly tucked out of sight, though one takes up some of the cargo area. The trade-off for that compromise is that the electric gear is sits high enough that the Magneto can ford 30 inches of water. Additionally, the electrical system powers the front bumper-mounted Warn winch to help extract the Magneto — or another stuck vehicle.

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Jeep says the setup is good for a 0-60 mph sprint of just 6.8 seconds, though the more important figure for an adventure-oriented vehicle is its electric range. Jeep is keeping that figure close to heart, at least for now.

If you’re after an electrified Jeep Wrangler, worry not: Jeep dealers will soon sell the Wrangler 4xe, a plug-in hybrid version of the venerable off-roader that delivers over 20 miles of electric-only driving before the gas engine kicks on. The Wrangler 4xe costs about the same as the standard Wrangler, at least for shoppers who qualify for federal incentives.

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