Capitol Report: Border wall gets no new money in Biden’s budget, reversing Trump policy


President Joe Biden is asking for no new money for the border wall in his first budget request, reversing a major policy of former President Donald Trump.

In a fiscal 2022 discretionary funding request, Biden asks for $1.2 billion for border-security technology and $861 million in aid to Central America, “as part of a comprehensive strategy to address the root causes of irregular migration” from the region to the U.S.

But money for the border wall is left out, in a move likely to infuriate conservatives.

“The discretionary request includes no additional funding for border wall construction and proposes the cancellation of prior-year balances that are unobligated at the end of 2021,” say budget documents released by the White House.

Biden on Friday called for a boost of 16% in non-defense spending in the next fiscal year, as part of a proposed $1.5 trillion budget. Defense spending would rise by far less, just 1.6%.

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A more-comprehensive budget is expected from the White House later this spring. Friday’s request begins Congress’s annual appropriations process, requiring lawmakers to pass funding bills before Oct. 1.

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