: GoPro revamps video-editing app to lure customers that don’t own its cameras


GoPro Inc. is broadening its video-editing app to become a subscription platform even for those customers who don’t have GoPro cameras, in what the company says is a move to expand its total addressable market.

The company announced Tuesday that it was refreshing and rebranding its mobile app, which will now be called Quik, to make it easier for people to import non-GoPro footage for editing and storage.

A subscription to the app will cost $1.99 a month or $9.99 a year, while consumers will be able to download a free version for use on a trial basis. It is available beginning March 16.

Chief Executive Nick Woodman told MarketWatch that the app is meant to help people deal with the “black hole” of footage on the camera roll apps built into their phones, a problem that he said goes beyond just people who use GoPro

cameras. Woodman argued that GoPro’s tools for editing videos and organizing other captured moments could prove useful to a broader audience of people trying to preserve their most memorable moments while keeping a larger archive of the rest.

GoPro’s Quik app will let people import photos directly from their libraries or text chats, without opening the Quik app to do so, and then do things like edit the footage themselves or view automated videos created by GoPro’s algorithm.

The company plans to introduce unlimited cloud backup of photos and videos later this year, while maintaining the original quality of the images or footage.

“This is the first product that we’ve made that is not tied to the number of cameras we sell,” Woodman said, which he argued expands the company’s total addressable market to people who care about organizing visual moments from their lives but might not necessarily have a need for a GoPro camera to capture that footage.

Eventually, Woodman hopes that some users of the Quik app will end up buying GoPro cameras as their “passion for digital imaging and content creation” increases and meets up with their existing passions for things like travel, sports, or cooking that they could capture with action cameras.

In the meantime, he argued that expanding the app to serve non-GoPro owners comes at no additional spend to the company as it was already creating these features for customers looking to edit their GoPro footage. There may be “some paid marketing” of the app, but the majority of GoPro’s efforts to promote it will take place through social-media impressions or by getting users of a legacy GoPro app, which was also called Quik but “sunsetted” years ago, to move over to this new version.

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