: Kamala Harris’s appearance on ‘The View’ disrupted after hosts test positive for COVID-19


Vice President Kamala Harris’s scheduled in-person appearance on ABC’s “The View” was disrupted Friday after hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro test positive for COVID-19 moments before the show.

Navarro and Hostin were at the table for the start of the show, but then were pulled from the set after learning they had COVID. Fellow co-hosts Joy Behar and Sara Haines hosted the the rest episode of the show.

“Ana and Sunny, at the last minute we realized they have tested positive for COVID so they have been taken off of the show,” Behar said.

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Vice President Harris was moved to a separate location at ABC studios and conducted her interview virtually, the hosts said.

“It’s very important we keep her healthy and safe,” Behar said. “The Secret Service is doing things to make her feel safe.”

“The Vice President did not have contact with the hosts before the show. Her schedule today will continue as planned,” Sabrina Singh, deputy press secretary for Harris, informed MarketWatch.

The news comes as the CDC head overruled advisers on COVID-19 boosters, allowing at-risk workers, to get a COVID-19 booster shot.

On Friday, President Joe Biden urged eligible Americans to “go get the booster.”

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