Kelley Blue Book: This is how much a Mercedes Maybach S-Class will set you back


The S-Class is the flagship of the Mercedes-Benz lineup, and the Maybach is the finest S-Class you can buy. Its price reflects that. For 2021, the Mercedes Maybach S 580 squeaks in under the $185,000 line, at $184,900 (plus a $1,050 destination fee to bring it to you).

The Maybach name gets you a lot.

Mechanically, it features a standard 496-hp twin-turbo V8 engine paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission. An electric boost system adds 21 horsepower in a surge when needed.

Signature paint scheme

Outside, it gets the signature two-tone paint job, divided at the beltline. Inside, the wheelbase is stretched by 7 inches, nearly all of it given to back seat passengers to create legroom you won’t otherwise see outside of a Rolls Royce product. The rear seats are nothing short of opulent, with quilted leather lumbar pillows and headrests. A 30-speaker Burmester audio system wraps you in sound, while a fragrance disperser lets you select leather or floral accents for your air.

Should you feel the need to add even more content, a handful of options are available. A total of five touchscreens can be added, giving each passenger their own separate entertainment. And, of course, there’s an integrated beverage cooler with matching champagne flutes.

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That price buys you a lot of exclusivity, but we’d be remiss not to note that it is significantly higher than what the top-of-the-line models from many rivals fetch. BMW’s

760i, for instance, will set you back nearly $25,000 less. The most well-equipped Audi A8 comes at a full $50,000 less – or you could ask them to throw in an Audi A6 and take home two cars for the price of the Maybach.

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