Key Words: ‘What, do you think deer are wearing Kevlar vests?’ — Biden gets colorful in calling for gun control


President Joe Biden on Wednesday night put the image of wildlife wearing body armor into Americans’ heads, as he continued to make his arguments for gun control.

He offered the following lines in his first speech before Congress:

‘Talk to most responsible gun owners and hunters — they’ll tell you there’s no possible justification for having a hundred rounds in a weapon. What, do you think deer are wearing Kevlar vests?’

The bit on deer and DuPont’s

well-known invention hadn’t been included in Biden’s prepared remarks released by the White House.

Some viewers of the speech enjoyed the image:

But others weren’t impressed:

Biden earlier this month unveiled actions aimed at curbing gun violence, including tighter rules on buyers of home-assembled “ghost guns”; directing the Justice Department to draft policy on arm braces that steady pistols; model “red flag” legislation for states; funds for community-based violence intervention; and an annual report on firearms trafficking.

“These kinds of reasonable reforms have the overwhelming support of the American people, including many gun owners,” Biden said during Wednesday’s speech. “The country supports reform, and Congress should act.”

Gun stocks have underperformed so far this year, with Sturm, Ruger & Co. shares 

up just 1% and Smith & Wesson Brands Inc.

down 1% vs. the S&P 500’s

rise of 11%.

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