London Markets: Pound, gilt yields inch higher as Bank of England says it will slow bond purchase rate


The British pound wobbled and the yield on short-term U.K. bonds edged higher Thursday after the Bank of England said the pace of continuing government bond purchases can be “slowed somewhat.”

By an 8-to-1 vote, the Bank of England said it would maintain its target for U.K. government bond purchases at £875 billion, with only chief economist Andy Haldane, who’s going to be leaving the central bank, voting to reduce the size by £50 billion.

The central bank did say it would be making the purchases less aggressively. “As envisaged since the announcement of the programme in November 2020 and consistent with developments in financial markets since then, the pace of these continuing purchases could now be slowed somewhat. This operational decision should not be interpreted as a change in the stance of monetary policy,” it said.

The yield on the 2-year gilt

rose to 0.07% from 0.06%, and the pound

also edged higher.

The FTSE 100

didn’t react much to the decision, recently inching up 0.1%.

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