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From MarketWatch:

70% of people don’t save money for future healthcare costs — do you?: Healthcare is one of the most expensive line items in a retiree’s budget, and yet not everyone prepares to handle these costs. 

‘This social media deal is WAY different’ — How I became an influencer and TV host at 65: Age is but a number, and this individual took advantage of that. 

6 essential estate planning documents every adult needs: Although not the most enjoyable topic, estate planning is crucial — and these are sorts of paperwork you need to know and have. 

Also on MarketWatch:

Does the U.S. have a retirement crisis

How the Covid crisis is making retirement inequality worse 

‘Don’t give up on your dreams,’ says the Medicare songwriter 

This worker found a new career that transforms lives 

‘The system is always rigged… no denying it’ Advice to anyone starting out

12 questions you should ask your parents, before it’s too late 

Who’s afraid of the Bogleheads?

More in retirement news:

Democrats advance plan to require employers to offer retirement plans (The Wall Street Journal

Justice Breyer says he will retire when he thinks the time is right (NPR)

The IRS is rewarding retirement savers with up to $2,000. Do you qualify? (The Motley Fool

Former California senator prods Feinstein to consider retirement (The Hill

Research and Insight:

More Americans are looking to retire earlier (

Postponing retirement might help keep dementia at bay, study says (

How Covid-19 has impacted retirement savings (GOBankingrates)

401(k) plan sponsors see value in using a single recordkeeper (401K Specialist)

401(k) plans evolve to boost workers’ savings (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

To share with your family, friends and clients:

This TikTok influencer wants to end the ‘silent’ pandemic of financial illiteracy 

Do all state and local workers receive lifetime annuities

10 ways to improve your health and live longer 

Retiring? Keep your skills sharp for your health, wealth and wellbeing 

How would winning $10 million change your life? And other insights into aging 

Social Security’s funding gap is now three times GDP 

Congress will eventually bail out Social Security — but that will create another set of problems How do I claim Social Security from my ex’s earnings?

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