NewsWatch: Bond yields and tech stocks echo ‘extreme anomalies’ of dot-com boom, says Morgan Stanley


The relationship between high-flying technology stocks and Treasury yields has broken down, echoing ‘the extreme anomalies of the dot-com boom when tech valuations became unmoored,’ according to Morgan Stanley.
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A Tesla ‘death cross’ is coming, the first in more than 2 years

Barring a massive rally, Tesla Inc.’s stock chart will produce the first bearish “death cross” pattern in more than two years on Friday, which some technicians could view as a warning of further losses. See full story.

Here’s your chance to buy bank stocks before rising interest rates boost profits

What may be a temporary drop in long-term interest rates has placed a drag on shares of the biggest banks — but there’s plenty of good news for the industry. See full story.

I’m 56, my husband is 57 and retired. We have about $750,000 saved and a military pension. I’m ‘tired of working in America.’ Can I retire in three years?

Have a question about your own retirement savings? Email us at [email protected] See full story.

Here are four reasons the West is headed for a ‘very drastic crisis,’ according to a veteran economist

The excess in financial markets will have to unwind in a drastic manner, warns one veteran economist. See full story.


‘On previous vacations, we each agreed to pay one-third for two-bedroom places and car rentals.’ See full story.

: My sister and her husband said I should pay 40% toward our vacation rentals because they share a bedroom. Is that fair?

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