NewsWatch: CDC committee to meet on J&J COVID vaccine as India sets record case number for second straight day


The global tally of confirmed cases of the coronavirus-borne illness COVID-19 was headed toward 145 million on Friday, as a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisory committee was scheduled to convene to make a decision on the fate of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, after it was linked to a rare blood-clotting disorder. See full story.

Get ready for $178 billion of selling ahead of the capital-gains tax hike. These are the stocks most at risk.

Some stocks are particularly exposed to rises in capital-gains taxes. See full story.

Which tech stocks can build on pandemic gains? Fund manager Ryan Jacob offers these two names.

Fund manager Ryan Jacob has survived plenty of market crises. The Jacob internet Fund got its start in 1999 and is still going strong. He lays out two tech stocks for right now. See full story.

Bitcoin drops below $50,000, dented in part by rising U.S. tax worries

Friday’s losses come on the heels of a 300-point loss for the Dow industrials after a media report that President Joe Biden is weighing a plan to nearly double capital-gains tax on the wealthy. See full story.

Et tu, boomer? Millennial stock-traders aren’t all that different, one analyst argues

Millennials have been blamed for lots of things over the years, and the most recent trope – that young, bored day-traders are trashing the stock market – is a bit hypocritical, one boomer analyst suggests. See full story.


Bette Midler really has the wind beneath her wings now, and she is flyin’ high! See full story.

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