NewsWatch: Cryptos and stocks like NIO and Tilray are crucially linked. Here’s what you need to watch, says strategist.


The tech-heavy Nasdaq is set to outpace other stock market indexes at the open on Thursday, ready to recover from a more than 2% slide since the beginning of this week. See full story.

Federal stimulus is a ‘lifeline’ for tourist towns whacked by the corona-crisis, as scars of 2008 linger

Communities across the country are taking the lessons from the Great Recession to heart as they dig out from the financial mess left by the coronavirus pandemic. See full story.

Pound and gilt yields inch higher as Bank of England says it will slow bond purchase rate

The pound wobbled and the yield on short-term U.K. bonds edged higher on Thursday, after the Bank of England said the pace of continuing government bond purchases can be “slowed somewhat.” See full story.

Can you be fired for refusing to get a COVID-19 vaccine? America is about to find out

A court date on an early test is coming up later in May, and that’s just one of several lawsuits making their way through the system. See full story.

Uber investors finally see the costs of treating drivers as employees, and the stock is falling

After seeing Uber Technologies Inc. fight over the past few years to keep drivers from becoming employees instead of contractors, investors finally got a glimpse of some of the impact to its financial results. See full story.


‘‘My husband said I should buy it.’ See full story.

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