NewsWatch: Dogecoin copycats are driving up Ethereum fees and vexing parts of the crypto community


If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, then a recent effort to mimic dogecoin represents a genuine appreciation for the surge in demand for the popular, meme asset dogecoin. See full story.

Beware heightened risks of ‘fragility shocks’ in a market too dependent on the Fed, BofA warns

Fragility risks are at the highest ever for markets in increasingly ‘tricky territory,’ according to Bank of America analysts. Investors are ‘overly dependent’ on an accommodative Fed with its ‘pedal to the metal’ seeking to restore the labor market, they say. See full story.

Take this quiz to guess the median price of a home in your city — only one New York mayoral candidate could do it

Former Citigroup executive Ray McGuire guessed the median price of a home in Brooklyn was $80,000 to $90,000 in a New York Times interview. The correct answer? $900,000. See full story.

Here’s where Jeff Bezos’s superyacht ranks among the world’s most expensive boats

The superyacht business is booming, and Bezos’s reported $500 million yacht that needs its own support yacht is almost modest compared with some luxury boats See full story.

I own a small business — this is what a $15 minimum wage means for me

One full-time job opening in Florida paying $15 and no takers. See full story.


The average amount of chores completed by U.S. kids has jumped 236% year-over-year, according to a new study. See full story.

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