NewsWatch: Dogecoin price’s ‘make-or-break’ moment looms with Elon Musk set to host ‘Saturday Night Live’


Elon Musk is a rallying point for dogecoin holders on sites like Reddit, and his coming appearance on ‘SNL’ is a hotly anticipated moment inside and outside crypto markets, which had previously centered on bitcoin and Ethereum, the two largest cryptos in the world. See full story.

Here’s why the Dow and S&P 500 hit records despite a weak April jobs report

It may take more than a much-weaker-than-expected April jobs report to kill the stock market rally, though the popular reflation trade is seeing a modest setback. See full story.

The U.S. market’s CAPE is now the world’s highest and this gives stock investors little cover

Valuation measures indicate that U.S. stocks have become extremely expensive. See full story.

Is it time to ditch target-date funds in your 401(k)?

A managed account makes sense for some investors — especially midcareer See full story.

Apple v. Epic: Time is running out for Epic to make its antitrust case

As Epic Games Inc. methodically made its case in the opening week of its antitrust trial v. Apple Inc., it carefully laid out economic and technological evidence that included testimony from representatives of other major gaming developers and some eyebrow-raising email exchanges among Apple executives. See full story.


‘You can’t pay your closing costs with a Van Gogh — it’s the same with your bitcoin.’ See full story.

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