NewsWatch: Dow down 150 points as bank stocks fall after Fed decision on capital requirements


U.S. stocks are mixed midday Friday, after slumping early after the Federal Reserve said it would not extend temporary relief from capital-requirement rules for banks. See full story.

Vaccines are here. That’s no reason to call off the hunt for effective COVID-19 treatments.

Millions of Americans are getting their COVID-19 shots every day now, but the U.S. is still going to need better treatments that can nip mild or moderate cases of COVID-19 before they become serious. See full story.

The bond market is ‘useless’ predicting inflation, and stocks look even more expensive than they appear, strategist says

The question still reverberating in financial markets is to what degree the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief will be spent, either immediately or if coronavirus recedes enough for shoppers to be allowed, and wanting, to go out. See full story.

Here’s a ray of hope for people worried they missed a valuable tax break on unemployment benefits by filing too soon

Though jobless benefits count as taxable income, one part of the sprawling law says the first $10,200 of those benefits are exempt from federal income taxes for households making under $150,000. See full story.

Trump’s voting margin is one of the strongest predictors of this economic indicator

The redder the state, the more its residents are allowed — and willing — to move around. See full story.


‘We have some family and friends who are struggling to make ends meet, particularly as a result of the pandemic. Having means, we chose to help them financially and sent sizable checks.’ See full story.

: ‘Asian-American businesses are dealing with two viruses’: Reeling from racist incidents, many are hurting financially during COVID-19

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