NewsWatch: Few, if any, financial advisers expected to recommend bitcoin and dogecoin to clients — here’s how many now suggest buying crypto


A new report by the Financial Planning Association looks at the changing attitudes to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and dogecoin. See full story.

‘If it got too successful it would be destroyed’: Remembering the Tulsa massacre, when a white mob destroyed ‘Black Wall Street’ 100 years ago

In roughly 24 hours, the mob destroyed an estimated $1.47 million — or more than $20 million in today’s dollars — of Black-owned homes and businesses. See full story.

Want to get in on hot energy stocks? Wall Street favors these 20 picks for gains up to 40%

The energy sector is the best performer of 2021, and it still has a long way to go to make up for years of big declines. See full story.

What dilution? AMC can’t stop raising capital by selling more of its meme stock, and the market can’t stop buying.

The meme stock soared almost 22% at Tuesday’s open after the theater announced it had sold 8.5 million shares of its common stock for $230.5 million to Mudrick Capital Management L.P. See full story.

My elderly mother-in-law has progressive dementia. My sister-in-law charged her $70K in rent. Is this ethical?

‘My wife and I watch her during the day three or four times a week, and we’ve put in tens of thousands of hours and never been compensated.’ See full story.


‘The younger generation gives me hope,’ says Nehemiah Frank, the editor-in-chief of The Black Wall Street Times. See full story.

: $199 million with a side of mayo: Kraft Heinz plant investment will return condiment production to U.K.

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