NewsWatch: How inflation’s bite makes bonds riskier than stocks


You’d have to hold U.S. Treasury bonds for 57 years to not lose to inflation. See full story.

IRS: We’ll delay April 15 tax-filing deadline by one month — but there’s one caveat

The IRS has already received more than 55 million tax returns. See full story.

The Tesla bubble: Bets on electric cars and the rise of SPACs have led to a new version of the dot-com boom

Investors take on the role of venture capitalists as they look for the next big thing, overvaluing young companies years before they could even begin to show the type of returns that would validate the valuation — Sound familiar? See full story.

‘My pulse rate had shot up to 120 as I gasped my way into the ER’: Italy resumes AstraZeneca vaccine, and tightens lockdown

More than half of Italy’s regions are now in the ‘red zone,’ just one year after the country effectively shut down. See full story.

The new normal of travel: 10 things that can seriously impact your next trip

Even with a vaccine rollout, major shifts have happened in the travel industry, and here are the main factors likely to affect your next trip in the COVID era. See full story.


‘That time delay costs American living on the edge millions, billions in fees,’ says Aaron Klein, a former Treasury Department deputy assistant secretary for economic policy. See full story.

NewsWatch: How inflation’s bite makes bonds riskier than stocks

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