NewsWatch: Rather than ‘Will cryptos drop to zero?’, investors should be asking this question instead, says strategist


With cryptocurrencies, investors may be missing a bigger point about disruption and investing right now, says Nordea’s Sebastien Galy. See full story.

AMC soared and GameStop followed as meme stocks find a new alpha dog

Meme stocks are playing role reversal with AMC Entertainment’s Thursday short squeeze pulling up shares in retail stock GameStop too. See full story.

My friends raised $15,000 on GoFundMe while I was comatose after an accident. But I inherited $1 million, and my insurance covered the costs

‘I am afraid to even look at the total, and have not gone to the site. To make it worse, before this, I was lower middle class, and so are many of the friends who gave money.’ See full story.

Jobless Americans in at least 16 states could get a rude awakening

Many workers in states that are cutting benefits ‘will be desperate to keep body and soul together,’ said Stephen Wandner, a senior fellow at the National Academy of Social Insurance See full story.

Early Tesla backer and top fund manager attacks Warren Buffett’s strategy. Here’s his investing advice.

James Anderson says to forget value investing and be ready for stomach-churning swings in stock prices. See full story.


‘Is remote work here to stay? Our survey indicates that employees overwhelmingly hope it persists in some form.’ See full story.

: Lab accident theory on COVID-19 origin must be probed seriously, scientists say

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