NewsWatch: There is a ‘super sale’ in Big Tech and other ‘high-quality’ stocks, says this fund manager


Applied Finance sees attractive buying opportunities in the stock market, including some big technology companies, according to one of its founders. U.S. stocks have slumped this week, particularly the tech-heavy Nasdaq. See full story.

‘Vaccine envy is real,’ says a Cleveland Clinic pediatrician. Here’s what she’s telling parents and teens about the COVID-19 vaccine

Regulators have given the go-ahead for younger teens to begin getting Pfizer’s COVID-19 shots, raising questions for some parents who want to better understand how a vaccine could affect their teenagers. See full story.

Whether Tesla did sell any cars for bitcoins remains unclear and the company isn’t saying

Elon Musk says Tesla won’t take bitcoins for cars, due to environmental concerns. See full story.

This simple strategy can help you make some important decisions about retirement

It sounds fun, but take note of what you may and may not need to change about your plans See full story.

How I’m teaching my grandsons to be entrepreneurs

This multigenerational experiment could be a formula for startup success. See full story.


‘I blocked my ex-in-laws, and now I received a threatening voicemail from a blocked number, so I’ve taken it upon myself to notify the authorities.’ See full story.

Key Words: President Biden says ‘Israel has the right to defend itself’ as violence escalates

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