NewsWatch: These ‘panic events’ could soon spell relief for stock markets, says top strategist Thomas Lee


Fundstrat Global Advisors’s founder Thomas Lee says market capitulation could be at hand, thanks to a surge in the VIX and a plunge for the NYSE Tick Index. See full story.

Dogecoin copycats are driving up Ethereum fees and vexing parts of the crypto community

If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, then a recent effort to mimic dogecoin represents a genuine appreciation for the surge in demand for the popular, meme asset dogecoin. See full story.

COVID-19 pandemic was a ‘preventable disaster,’ made worse by a lack of global coordination and dithering, independent panel finds

The COVID-19 pandemic that has cost the lives of 3.3 million people around the world was a “preventable disaster” exacerbated by a lack of global coordination and dithering at every point of the outbreak, an independent panel said Wednesday. See full story.

Is it ethical for cruise lines, schools or Broadway to restrict entry to people not vaccinated against COVID-19?

Are vaccine holdouts ‘pathologically narcissistic’ or exercising their civil rights? And do private businesses have the right to refuse them? The Moneyist weighs in. See full story.

What is the Jones Act? And why might waiving it help ease gas ‘supply crunch’?

The Biden administration is exploring a temporarily waiver of the Jones Act, a key U.S. shipping law, to allow foreign vessels to carry fuel up the Eastern Seaboard to ease supply bottlenecks following the Colonial Pipeline shutdown. See full story.


Travelers typically book flights or hotels first — and then a rental car. But that strategy won’t work this year. See full story.

The Margin: Meet Elise Stefanik, favored to replace Liz Cheney as the No. 3 Republican in the House

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