NewsWatch: This dogecoin chart offers the clearest explanation for the buzz surrounding the ‘joke’ crypto


Dogecoin, dogecoin, dogecoin! That must be what bitcoin holders are saying lately. Owners of the world’s No. 1 crypto, like Jan from the 1970s-era sitcom, The Brady Bunch, must feel as if they have been living in the shadow of a more intriguing sister crypto. See full story.

Your streaming subscriptions reshaped Disney and turbocharged Netflix — now comes making more money off you

The COVID-19 pandemic upended the home-entertainment ecosystem, turning it sharply toward streaming services like Netflix and Disney+. Now comes the hard part. See full story.

My wife makes $200K a year, but gives us $700 a month, and $3,000 to her brother and mother ‘to keep them in the good life’

‘My wife gave her mother Power of Attorney over all of her finances.’ See full story.

The Dow and the Nasdaq are diverging. Why that’s honey for stock market bears

Disconnected trading pattern hasn’t looked so ominous since the internet bubble years. See full story.

Why comparing blood clot risks from COVID-19 vaccines and birth control pills doesn’t work

Doctors say they are different kinds of clots — and the coronavirus poses a greater risk than the vaccines See full story.


‘My wife gave her mother Power of Attorney over all of her finances.’ See full story.

Cryptos: Coinbase listing has fueled ‘a lot of frenzy’ around dogecoin and ‘that never ends well,’ Novogratz tells MarketWatch

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