NewsWatch: U.S. economy will boom into 2023, but inequality must be addressed: Jamie Dimon in his latest letter to JPMorgan shareholders

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JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Jamie Dimon published his annual letter to shareholders on Wednesday, and as usual offered a broad overview of the state of the world after a year of a global pandemic, honing in on the hardship it has created for many and the widening wealth gap. See full story.

The one word that explains why fears of inflation are off-base

Maximum employment doesn’t create inflation, especially in a globalized world. See full story.

These stocks seem expensive now, but in two years you may wish you’d bought them at these prices

Amazon and Netflix are perfect examples of companies that have rewarded shareholders who have stuck by them. See full story.

Will you vaccinate your kids against COVID-19 once they’re eligible? Only half of U.S. parents say yes

‘Parents need more education and information to make them comfortable before deciding to vaccinate their child.’ See full story.

Asian-American business leaders rally against wave of hatred: ‘We don’t deserve to live in fear in our own country’

Asian-American executives, business leaders and others have raised more than $20 million to combat the growing instances of anti-Asian hate and violence amid the coronavirus pandemic See full story.


Most Americans believe that the COVID-19 situation in America is improving, despite evidence of rising cases. See full story.

The Margin: The number of Americans identifying as Republican is the lowest it has been in a decade: Gallup poll

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