NewsWatch: Value stocks are making a comeback. Don’t get left behind, these analysts say


There’s still room to run for value stocks, analysts at Truist Advisory Services say. See full story.

Fed should ‘switch’ up its playbook and buy more Treasurys, fewer mortgage bonds, urge analysts

As the economy reopens, the Federal Reserve should consider tweaking its $120 billion monthly asset purchase program to allow for more Treasury purchases and fewer government-backed mortgage bonds, say analysts. See full story.

How Biden’s climate-change directives could wind up cooling real estate markets on the coasts

Under the new president, it could get more expensive to live in Florida and other areas besieged by rising temperatures and tides. See full story.

How much does it cost to charge an electric car? We do the math

We asked someone who’s heard every argument for and against EV ownership, including the cost of recharging compared with gas. See full story.

AstraZeneca to supply U.S. with extra 500,000 doses of COVID-19 antibody-based cocktail

AZD7442 is being evaluated for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 in late-stage trials in more than 9,000 participants around the world. See full story.


‘That time delay costs American living on the edge millions, billions in fees,’ says Aaron Klein, a former Treasury Department deputy assistant secretary for economic policy. See full story.

: GoPro revamps video-editing app to lure customers that don’t own its cameras

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