Personal Finance Daily: Bidding wars for homes falls to lowest level since 2020, and when can kids under 12 get a COVID-19 vaccine?


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When can kids under 12 get a COVID-19 vaccine? CDC Director Walensky has an answer

The FDA has said it will ‘follow the science’ when evaluating shots for children under 12, most of whom have now gone back to school after the summer vacation. Read More

The top 10 U.S. colleges will all cost you at least $55,000 a year in tuition

U.S. World News & Report released its 2022 Best Colleges list — and the top schools are not cheap Read More

‘A lot of buyers have had enough’: Bidding wars for homes falls to lowest level since 2020

The nation’s hot housing market is beginning to show signs of cooling. Read More

I received a 30% pay raise, but my girlfriend is struggling financially. I would like to treat myself to a new car. Should I buy it?

‘I want to get rid of my practical little second-hand commuter car that I bought years ago, and get something fun, like a Miata, as a bit of a reward to myself.’ Read More

Steve Bannon–linked media venture to pay $539 million settlement for fundraising violations

Bannon and exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui formed GTV Media Group in 2020 and were accused by the SEC of running an illegal, unregistered stock and coin offering.
Read More

‘I just don’t trust my sister’: How do I gift money to my nieces without their mother having access to it?

‘She has a history of spending recklessly. I’m also concerned that if we fight again, she might tell them, when they are ready to take over their finances, that the money came from her or someone else.’ Read More

Are you inheriting a house or retirement account from a loved one? Read this first

MarketWatch’s Tax Guy column addresses some of the most important tax-related considerations. Read More

New York hospital to pause delivering babies after workers quit over vaccine mandate

President Joe Biden recently announced a forthcoming vaccine mandate for businesses with at least 100 employees, along with all federal employees and government contractors. Read More

10 plug-in hybrids you can score used for under $20,000

New EVs can be pretty pricey, so a used PHEV might be the perfect solution. Here are the 10 best for less than $20,000. Read More

Maybe it’s not a total waste of time: 4 ways your kids can learn about finances from videogames

Here are some conversations to have that can help your little gamers develop real money skills. Read More

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