Personal Finance Daily: Compass CEO Robert Reffkin: COVID created a ‘permanent shift’ in real-estate demand, and don’t post your COVID-19 vaccination card on social media — here’s why


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Compass CEO Robert Reffkin: COVID created a ‘permanent shift’ in real-estate demand

The real-estate brokerage’s stock closed at $20.15, which was 11.9% above the IPO price of $18. Read More

My wife’s father left her a home and share in a trust. This subsidizes our lifestyle. Should I try again to convince her to make a will?

‘I am concerned that if something happened, her sisters might try to claim it as family property and say I’m not entitled to it.’ Read More

After a disagreement, my aunt took over as my grandmother’s power of attorney and executor of my grandfather’s $1.3 million estate. Should I retaliate?

‘I knew nothing of this until a chance meeting today with a family member.’ Read More

My parents claimed me on their 2019 taxes and received my third stimulus check, but I don’t qualify based on my 2020 taxes. Will the IRS ask for it back?

‘Am I safe to spend the money? Or will the Internal Revenue Service want it back from me when the next tax season rolls around?’ Read More

‘Frugality will continue to reign’: Eager to save hundreds of dollars, Americans flock to one type of product

A new report from the Conference Board tracks three distinct trends. Read More

‘I cut his hair because he won’t pay for a haircut’: My multimillionaire husband is 90. I’ve looked after him for 41 years, but he won’t help my son

‘I bet that you have never heard from anyone who has too much money.’ Read More

In-N-Out Heiress Lynsi Snyder Puts SoCal Mansion Back on the Market

The billionaire Lynsi Snyder, president and owner of In-N-Out Burger, has put her mansion in Bradbury, Calif., on the market once again. Read More

Mortgage rates have skyrocketed in recent months — adding $33,000 on average to a 30-year loan

There are signs that some buyers are calling it quits in today’s housing market. Read More

‘It’s not just about what’s on that card’: Don’t post your COVID-19 vaccination card on social media — here’s why

‘Why give the bad guys more ammunition than they need?’ Read More

Join MarketWatch’s first-ever money challenge to spring clean your finances

We’re kicking off weekly challenges on April 5 to help you get a handle on your money and reach your financial goals. Read More

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