Personal Finance Daily: Do I need to put my wife’s name on my house? I built it four years before we were married and a guide to responsible splurging — or ‘enlightened hedonism’


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I moved 200 miles to live in my girlfriend’s new house. We have a child, but she’s reluctant to get married. I’d be left with nothing if we broke up

‘How can I protect myself financially from being completely left out in the cold if she wanted to break up with me?’ Read More

‘Money is inherently emotional’: A guide to responsible splurging — or ‘enlightened hedonism’

Will Benedetto and his girlfriend have cut down on streaming services to save money. ‘We have that thirst to date one another, instead of cohabit with one another,’ he said Read More

This packaged cocktail aims to mimic the experience at your favorite craft bar

A new California brand uses fresh ingredients and special technology to create its bottled drink Read More

Do I need to put my wife’s name on my house? I built it four years before we were married

‘When I die, doesn’t she automatically get the house since she is my spouse?’ Read More

If it’s not enhanced unemployment benefits, why are people turning down jobs?

Some people are finding it difficult to get a job, while others need to find affordable child care. Read More

My wife and I defrauded the government by hiding income. Now we’re divorcing, and she’s threatening to ruin us both

‘She left me for her pandemic boyfriend. She was caught at our vacation home with him.’ Read More

I care for my mother and sold her house. My sister says half the home belongs to her, and now she wants a loan. What do I do?

‘My father, who passed away in 2009, and my mother had a joint will leaving all they owned to my sister and me’ Read More

Weekend reads: What exactly is going on with big tech stocks?

Also: Bitcoin sags, retailers cash in, and a guide on where you might like to live and work outside the U.S. Read More

Our neighbor’s car damaged our house. She begged us not to report it. Now she needs to borrow money, and is nickel-and-diming our contractor

‘Louise came to our house to lament that she would need to borrow from her sister and Ada in order to even pay the $1,000’ Read More

Existing-home sales fall for third straight month — so what’s going on?

‘An end to the pandemic by itself is unlikely to bring enough sellers to the market to bridge the gap.’ Read More

My father left me his estate, and his adopted children nothing. I don’t want to lose them. What should I do?

‘The sum is rather large, and I’m going to be asked at some point how much I inherited. I’m concerned that they will be jealous and resentful.’ Read More

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