Personal Finance Daily: Ida caused an estimated $24 billion in damage in the Northeast, and more American households with kids went hungry during the COVID-19 pandemic


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Ida caused an estimated $24 billion in damage in the Northeast — but a dismal number of people were insured for flooding

Lessons learned from Superstorm Sandy likely helped the region avoid ever more damage. Read More

Fed’s Beige Book: Economic growth is slowing as delta variant hits tourism and restaurants

Even as the economy slows, businesses are reporting that they’re managing to hike prices to cover the higher costs driven by supply chain disruptions. Read More

‘The theft was fatal’: Employee used 189 credit-card refunds to embezzle nearly $200,000 — bankrupting packaging firm

Victoria Mazur, 54, of Pittsburgh, had worked for the Gateway Packaging Corp. from 2012 until 2017. Read More

More American households with kids went hungry during the COVID-19 pandemic

In 2020, a growing number of U.S. families faced food insecurity, according to the U.S.D.A. Read More

CDC warns Americans against traveling to Jamaica, Sri Lanka in latest COVID-19 guidance

The CDC has updated its list of ‘very high risk’ travel destinations Read More

Your financial power of attorney may fail you when you need it most

The legal documents — signed, witnessed and paid for — are being rejected by financial-services companies. Read More

I have three children. I quitclaimed my house to my most responsible son. Now he has blocked my calls

‘There was no dispute, no angry feelings or hostility. On the outside he seems OK — he’s a mid-level engineer at a major corporation. What should I do?’ Read More

Spurred on by the pandemic, more homeowners are selling to iBuyers — avoiding hordes of strangers traipsing around their house

It’s the latest chapter in the real-estate market’s pandemic saga. Read More

The 2022 Nissan Leaf vs. 2022 Mini Electric—which is better?

We compare two compact EVs—one with experience and practicality, while the other wows with great handling and loads of personal style. Read More

Here’s a great way to jump-start your credit

A solid credit score can help you to borrow money at a better rate for things like a car, house or even cash in the event of an emergency. Read More

: Arkansas wind farmers claimed their technology was more efficient than turbines — then spent investors’ money on houses, cars and at Disney World

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