Personal Finance Daily: Just 500 households in New York City will pay the highest rate in Cuomo’s millionaire-tax hike and suicide deaths fell during the 2020 pandemic — but why?


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I received two $1,400 stimulus payments because I was also claimed as a dependent. Should I give one back?

The Moneyist: ‘You cannot be claimed as a dependent and file a tax return yourself and expect a payment. It’s one or the other.’ Read More

Just 500 households in New York City will pay the highest rate in Cuomo’s millionaire-tax hike

The proposed tax on residents making $1 million a year or more will hit nearly 123,000 New Yorkers across the state. Read More

Homeowners are facing the biggest property-tax hikes in 4 years — here’s where they pay the most

There were 16 counties nationwide where homeowners paid more than $10,000 in property taxes last year on average. Read More

I’m 30. My wife is 34. We saved $350K and I have $325K saved for retirement. Should we pay cash for a home — or take out a mortgage and invest it?

‘We have been cheaply renting for the last three years, and living as if I were still a very poor graduate student. During this time, we paid off all of our debts.’ Read More

My cautionary tale — after an $11 mistake on my 2020 tax return my $11,000 refund and stimulus is now in limbo

‘Because of my mistake, I’m still waiting for our $5,400 refund, and our $5,600 stimulus payment.’ Read More

More Americans are getting their COVID-related news from this one place — NOT the news media

Social media doesn’t help people differentiate what is real from what is fake, but this class of publications might. Read More

Mortgage rates fall for the first time since February — but don’t necessarily expect a long reprieve

The interest rates on home loans likely haven’t hit their ceiling yet, according to one economist. Read More

‘We shouldn’t be complacent’: Suicide deaths fell during the 2020 pandemic — but why?

‘There is some evidence to suggest a short-term decrease in suicide in the immediate aftermath of a disaster.’ Read More

Some investors expect their financial adviser to beat the market every year. Good luck with that.

Set realistic expectations for what a professional can — and cannot — do. Read More

Everything you need to know about the new 2022 Infiniti QX55

Here’s a review of Infiniti’s new coupe-like SUV designed to appeal to younger, upscale urban singles with sports car dreams and rock-wall lifestyles. Read More

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