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TGIF, MarketWatchers.

Spring Clean Your Finances starts on Monday! Our new money challenge will focus on small, manageable steps you can take to tackle your financial goals. We’ll be delivering your first challenge in this newsletter on Monday, and follow us on Instagram.

And now for today’s top stories:

My aunt took over from me as my grandmother’s power of attorney and executor of my grandfather’s $1.3 million estate. Should I retaliate?

‘I knew nothing of this until a chance meeting today with a family member.’ Read More

My wife’s father left her a home and money in a trust. This subsidizes our lifestyle. What happens to me if she dies?

‘I am concerned that if something happened, her sisters might try to claim it as family property and say I’m not entitled to it.’ Read More

CDC offers travel advice to vaccinated Americans — but stops short of saying it’s OK to get on a plane

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stopped short of recommending people start booking flights or making summer vacation plans. Read More

‘It could take more than a year to dig out of the total jobs shortfall’

March marked the strongest job growth the country has seen since the initial recovery faded last summer, but the recovery has still a long way to go, said the Economic Policy Institute, a progressive think tank. Read More

My parents claimed me on their 2019 taxes and received my third stimulus check, but I don’t qualify based on my 2020 taxes. Will the IRS ask for it back?

‘Am I safe to spend the money? Or will the Internal Revenue Service want it back from me when the next tax season rolls around?’ Read More

‘I cut his hair because he won’t pay for a haircut’: My multimillionaire husband is 90. I’ve looked after him for 41 years, but he won’t help my son

‘I bet that you have never heard from anyone who has too much money.’ Read More

Weekend reads: These investments can help you profit from Biden’s $2.3 trillion spending plan

Also, New York legalizes marijuana for recreational use; an effective retirement savings plan for low-wage workers; and what to do with that annoying COVID-19 vaccination card. Read More

You can toast William Shakespeare’s birthday with a Bard-inspired beer

Rogue Ales says adding nitro in the carbonation process ‘provides a smooth and creamy mouth-feel’ to its Shakespeare Stout Nitro. Read More

These are the jobs Biden’s American Jobs Plan would create — plus how much they pay and what training is needed

President Joe Biden says his $2.3 trillion infrastructure package, along with the American Rescue Plan, would eventually create 19 million new jobs. Read More

Americans increased their charitable giving in 2020, helped by stimulus checks and a stock-market recovery

Giving Tuesday saw a ‘measurable spike’ in $1,200 and $2,400 donations after the first round of stimulus checks. Read More

IPO Report: IPO market cools as sentiment moves from ‘wildly overoptimistic to optimistic’

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