Personal Finance Daily: Melinda Gates is a billionaire after a nearly $2.4 billion stock transfer, and mortgage rates drop to lowest level since mid-February


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My friend set up a GoFundMe to pay for her sick pet, instead of getting a refund on our vacation. I canceled the trip. Who’s right?

‘I felt wrong going on a trip that had been funded indirectly by others. In my world, one should not resort to GoFundMe until they have exhausted all other reasonable options.’ Read More

I have crypto FOMO! ‘I’m too old to sit and hope I can make up for the lost time by safely investing my little bit of money’

‘I have a $3,000-a-month pension. I am living with my ill father, and I am currently not working and looking for a job. I am going to college using the GI Bill. I am almost 50, and have no 401(k).’ Read More

I have a ‘mundane’ First World problem: Should I buy a $30,000 bracelet during a global pandemic?

‘My husband said I should buy it.’ Read More

Why are ‘Karens’ so angry?

Some people say memes of white women confronting people of color provide a handle on behaviors born of racist entitlement, while others point to misogyny and economic disenfranchisement. Read More

It’s official: Melinda Gates is a billionaire after a nearly $2.4 billion stock transfer

Bill Gates transferred stakes in several companies to Melinda Gates on the day the power couple announced their divorce Read More

My ex-husband moved in. He pays $150 for cable, his only expense, and gives me the silent treatment if I ask him to pay for dinner

‘I was doing great on my own with the kids. I managed to get an apartment, pay for health insurance and even continue with my youngest son’s private school.’ Read More

Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando are relaxing these COVID safety protocols — will others follow suit?

State lawmakers in Florida are set to remove local COVID-19 mandates, but theme parks are still imposing their own restrictions. Read More

I’m getting a $450 car allowance with my new job and want to lease a luxury car. My wife says buy a used car — who’s right?

“I have been driving a used practical car, so this is my time.” Read More

Mortgage rates drop to lowest level since mid-February, but economists warn higher rates could come soon

Home buyers continue to pour into the real-estate market, encouraged by the favorable financing they can score. Read More

Here’s why it may be time for much-maligned home economics classes to make a comeback

Make it mandatory to teach both boys and girls the ins and outs of housework, cooking and light carpentry Read More

Key Words: ‘I love this setup’ — star stock-picker Cathie Wood keeps cool over ARK Innovation ETF’s dismal May start

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