Personal Finance Daily: Renters in these cities could save up to $5,000 by signing a lease now and Wells Fargo defends stimulus-check delay


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Renters in these cities could save up to $5,000 by signing a lease now

Rents continued to fall in many cities last month, but could soon rebound, according to a new report.

Eviction filings increased after CDC issued nationwide moratorium, government report shows

A Government Accounting Office report criticized the CDC for not doing more to promote awareness of the eviction moratorium it enacted in September.

‘Amazon can get anything in the world physically to your door in under 48 hours. It takes Uncle Sam six days’: Wells Fargo defends stimulus-check delay

‘That time delay costs American living on the edge millions, billions in fees,’ says Aaron Klein, a former Treasury Department deputy assistant secretary for economic policy.

Lawmakers to IRS: ‘Millions of stressed-out taxpayers, businesses and preparers would appreciate an extension’ on April 15 tax deadline

The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan adds a new level of complexity to a complicated tax season.

‘Change can happen without us noticing’: COVID brought us a year of epic uncertainty — but here’s what I know for sure

‘The isolation doesn’t seem quite so intense one year later. Perhaps we have normalized it, but we can be forgiven if our stoicism turns to fatigue.’

How financial advisers can talk about their fees so clients understand just how much they’re paying

Be transparent and cover every detail.

5 ways your company can make working from home even better

CEO shares best practices that have helped his company’s workers cope with COVID-19 challenges.

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Key COVID-aid deadlines pushed back to the fall in new stimulus law

In the past, so-called policy “cliffs” have driven lawmakers to act and likely will again. Here are a few of the more significant deadlines facing Washington.

Robinhood back in Capitol Hill spotlight amid surge in GameStop shares

The House Financial Services Committee will continue its investigation into the short squeeze of shares of GameStop Inc. and other meme stocks on Wednesday.

What would cause the Fed to take a U-turn? Hint: a lot more than some high inflation readings

What would it take for the Fed to reverse course and pull back from its easy policy stance? The answer: If Americans start to believe higher inflation is here to stay and spend like there was no tomorrow.

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