Personal Finance Daily: Richard Cordray to oversee America’s $1.5 trillion student loan portfolio and these relocation programs offer unique incentives to inspire your big move


Just another manic Monday? We hope not!

Anyway, here are today’s top personal finance stories:

Richard Cordray to oversee America’s $1.5 trillion student loan portfolio

The former head of the CFPB under Obama will take charge of the office that oversees many high-stakes aspects of paying for college in the U.S. Read More

Why so many millennials fall prey to imposter syndrome

The scars of the 2008 recession are one source of financial insecurity for many millennials, says financial coach Maggie Germano. Read More

What’s behind the financial-literacy gender gap? These academics, both male and female, found one answer

‘Women have lower financial literacy than men, but they know more than they think they know.’ Read More

My son, 18, says I should hand over the $1,400 adult-dependent stimulus. He claims it belongs to him. Who’s right?

‘I claim him as a dependent on my taxes because I pay more than half of his household expenses (actually, all of his expenses).’ Read More

My wife inherited $800K. She put $300K toward our mortgage and $500K in her own bank account — after 35 years of marriage

‘What do you think of the way she has treated her inheritance? If we divorce, will I have to pay her alimony?’ Read More

My employer paid me in crypto. It rose 700% in value. Now he wants employees to return the crypto and accept dollars

‘What do you think is a fair solution? Should I return some of the cryptocurrency for hours worked?’ Read More

Here’s how I’ve learned to face Mother’s Day without my mom

Avoid email promos and stay off social media — but still honor her in some way, counselors and other grieving adults say Read More

Handwashing rose, then fell, during COVID-19 — are U.S. hygiene standards slipping?

‘We’re still in the pandemic, and people are not washing their hands as much anymore. They’ve gone back to their baseline.’ Read More

The 2021 Honda CR-V does just about everything right

Put it on your test drive list: It has Honda’s enviable reputation for reliability and high resale value, and it’s a pleasure to own and operate. Read More

These relocation programs offer unique incentives to inspire your big move

Across the U.S., relocation programs are offering creative incentives and benefits to entice professionals to move or return to specific cities or regions. Read More

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