Personal Finance Daily: Summer 2021 travel trends and Ariana Grande’s micro wedding gives engaged couples the luxury of thinking small with a ‘minimony’


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Summer 2021 travel trends: From Airbnb’s fee fiasco to a ‘crazy’ short-term rental market

This has not been Airbnb’s week. Read More

Our neighbor’s car damaged our house. She begged us not to report it. Now she needs to borrow money, and is nickel-and-diming our contractor

‘Louise came to our house to lament that she would need to borrow from her sister and Ada in order to even pay the $1,000’ Read More

My father left me his estate, and his adopted children nothing. I don’t want to lose them. What should I do?

‘The sum is rather large, and I’m going to be asked at some point how much I inherited. I’m concerned that they will be jealous and resentful.’ Read More

Treasury wants businesses to report crypto transactions above $10,000

‘They are signaling ‘we are going to get all kinds of indications of people spending crypotcurrency,’ one observer said Read More

Age for a colonoscopy drops to 45 amid rise in colon cancer cases among younger adults

Adults ages 45-49 will become eligible for insurance that fully covers screening. Read More

What is a minimony? Ariana Grande’s micro wedding gives engaged couples the luxury of thinking small

Couples say ‘I do’ to Zoom weddings and smaller ceremonies, cutting the cost — and stress — of wedding planning Read More

Americans took on significantly less debt during the COVID-19 pandemic — except in one major way

Many Americans have focused on spending less and paying off debt throughout the COVID crisis, rather than taking out new loans. Read More

I’m worth $3 million, and separating from my much wealthier partner of 33 years. What kind of financial settlement can I expect?

‘When same-sex marriage became a possibility in New York, he declined to consider it because he did not want to take on any possible financial obligations that a future divorce might entail.’ Read More

My boyfriend inherited a home and $700K. He pays me $500 monthly rent. Should I ask him for $86K to pay off my condo?

‘I am 65 and get a monthly pension of $800 and receive $1,800 Social Security every month. I have no savings, and own two properties.’ Read More

I’ve bitcoin and dogecoin FOMO! ‘I’m too old to sit and hope I can make up for the lost time by safely investing my little bit of money’

‘I have a $3,000-a-month pension. I am living with my ill father, and I am currently not working and looking for a job. I am going to college using the GI Bill. I am almost 50, and have no 401(k).’ Read More

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