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From MarketWatch:

William Shatner’s recipe for staying young? Keep hustling: The actor, best known for his role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek, certainly keeps busy — and he says others should do the same. 

We want to live in a medium-sized city close to the beach but without much traffic. Where should we retire?: Not sure where to go in your retirement but looking for a possible change in scenery? Ask MarketWatch.  

There’s one giant thing gig workers can do to save for retirement — but most aren’t: The gig economy can be great for making an extra dollar, but workers shouldn’t forget to put some of that money away for the future

Also on MarketWatch:

Forget Colombia’s violent past — these Americans live ‘a very comfortable’ life outside Medellin on $4,000 a month

You don’t have to follow strict rules or give up steak forever, and this diet can have life-changing benefits 

Why I broke up with my sister and brothers 

These are 5 promising ways to live healthier for longer — and it’s more than diet and exercise 

Signing up for Medicare? Watch out for IRMAA 

You have been named a trustee. Here’s the good news — and bad news

Watch out: These estate tax moves could be banned within days 

Should your 401(k) follow your conscience? What to know before investing in ESG 

More in retirement news:

Retiring early is looking easier. Here’s how to do it with no regrets (Barron’s)

Department of Labor proposes rule to add political directives to retirement savings (Fox Business

Reinventing yourself in retirement sounds great. But it isn’t so easy (The Wall Street Journal

Hochul signs legislation ensuring retirement plan for private sector workers (News10 ABC)

Would you consider a ‘Golden Girls’ retirement? Plus 5 more out-of-the-box retirement ideas (GOBankingRates)

Choosing the right community for active retirement (The Seattle Times)

Research and Insight:

Ranking the world’s retirement systems on results (Forbes)

Voters overwhelmingly support workplace retirement savings plans (AARP)

More workers keeping assets in DC plans after retirement: J.P. Morgan (ThinkAdvisor)

The problem with low-income tax credits (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

To share with your family, friends and clients:

Try these ways to feel younger and find meaning in retirement

These 7 habits will keep your mind sharp no matter how long you work 

I failed at retirement. How to avoid my mistakes 

Why is signing up for Medicare so complicated and potentially expensive? 

What resources do 65-year-olds have to cover long-term care in retirement?

80% of Medicare beneficiaries don’t know this rule — or its penalty 

Retirement Weekly: This toxic combination is part of the reason Americans are so unprepared for retirement

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