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From MarketWatch:

Is it time to ditch target-date funds in your 401(k)?: Target-date funds are an easy way to invest a retirement portfolio, but when do they make sense — and when do they not? 

The divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates will grab attention — but there are some things everyone should know about ending a long marriage: The Gates may be comfortable in retirement even if they divorce later in life, but that’s not the case for everyone. 

New rules about eating, exercising and sleeping as you age: Want to be healthier for longer? Consider these lifestyle habits

Also on MarketWatch:

8 travel tips for vaccinated seniors in 2021 

The best way to have plenty of money in retirement 

7 things you should teach your adult kids about investing, because it’s not a game 

Biden, Dems are good for this tax shelter 

Here’s how to look past ‘Live to 110!’ hype and get smart when digesting the latest longevity research 

Why boomer divorces — like Bill and Melinda Gates — are soaring 

We want moderate weather and live within an hour of the mountains and less than three hours to the beach — where should we retire? 

More in retirement news:

SECURE Act 2.0 to boost retirement savings makes way through Congress (Fox Business

New York teachers would have option to retire earlier under proposal (WWNY

Dotting the Is and crossing the Ts on your retirement application (FEDweek)

These 4 expenses could crimp your retirement goals. Here’s how to plan for them (Barron’s)

Milevsky: Advisors should charge more for retirement spending advice (ThinkAdvisor)

California’s state-run retirement savings program not pre-empted by ERISA – 9th circuit (Reuters)

Research and Insight:

Are you still chasing the almighty dollar, even though you have plenty to retire? (Kiplinger

8 ½ birthdays that can affect your retirement (Yahoo! Finance)

A third of seniors seek to work well past retirement age, or won’t retire at all, poll finds (Forbes)

Despite COVID, Americans are confident about retirement (TheStreet)

To share with your family, friends and clients:

If you ‘sell in May,’ don’t go away 

Have complicated finances? Want to retire sooner than later? Why you might consider a financial adviser 

Retirees are overly optimistic about their financial future 

If you’re going to travel, check your Medicare coverage first 

Long-haulers are still struggling — ‘I think this virus has physically and mentally aged me more than 10 years’ 

Getting started: The do’s and don’ts of retirement saving and investing 

You need to prove you have this much in monthly income to legally retire in Europe, Asia and Latin America 

: Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando are relaxing these COVID safety protocols — will others follow suit?

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