The Margin: The U.S. Space Force unveils new uniforms — and reminds people it still exists


The U.S. Space Force unveiled new prototype uniforms for its service members Tuesday, and drew a plethora of reactions on social media. Some compared the uniforms to those worn on sci-fi shows and others were stunned to learn Space Force still exists. The reaction to the uniforms caused “Space Force” to trend on Twitter

Gen. Jay Raymond, Chief of Space Operations at the U.S. Space Force, announced the new uniforms during a speech at the Air Force Association’s Air, Space and Cyber conference.

Breaking from the style of other military branch dress uniforms — which are typically suit style with buttons down the center — the Space Force uniforms feature a dark blue wraparound jacket with diagonal silver buttons.

The Force described the uniforms as “modern, distinctive and professional,” but others couldn’t help but notice similarities to uniforms worn on the TV shows “Battlestar Galactica” and “Star Trek.”

“So you’re really gonna make the Space Force uniforms look like Battlestar Galactica huh?” one user tweeted.

“I like how the Space Force is embracing the ridiculousness of its existence and just rips off science fiction,” another added.

Others were shocked to learn the Space Force was actually still an operating branch of the military.

The Space Force also unveiled its physical training uniforms on Monday, modeled by Second Lt. Mahala Norris in a promotional video.

“Designed for guardians to be physically ready to protect U.S. and allied interests in space, developed to withstand the most grueling physical regimens, tested by an award-winning champion,” Norris says in the video.

The U.S. Space Force, established in 2019 within the Department of the Air Force, is the first military branch to be created since women were allowed to serve in the same military roles as men, making this the first uniform to be designed with women in mind from the start.

Space Force spokesperson Col. Catie Hague said that Space Force “designed the female uniform first, and then we created the male version,” the Air Force Times reported.

Though many people pointed out on Twitter that the pants modeled by the female service member weren’t exactly flattering.

“I think they need to go to anatomy class and learn to properly design pants for females,” one user tweeted.

While many people were shocked to learn the Space Force still exists, it is indeed an operational branch of the U.S. military and not just a Netflix comedy. The Force is headquartered in the Pentagon with bases in California, Colorado and Florida. It currently has approximately 16,000 service members, called “guardians.”

The Space Force is tasked with operating and defending military satellites, running the network of Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites, and tracking space debris, among other missions.

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