: The new TV show ‘Unicorn Hunters’ will feature Steve Wozniak and allow viewers to invest in IPOs


A new business series called Unicorn Hunters will spotlight up-and-coming growth companies looking to hit the $1 billion “unicorn” valuation.

The series, which has been described as a “Shark Tank-style” show by its creators, allows a group of investors to put up money in pre-IPO companies. Those investors include Apple

co-founder Steve Wozniak and TransparentBusiness CEO Alex Konanykhin, among others.

One way Unicorn Hunters, which will debut on May 10, is different from Shark Tank is who is allowed to invest. On Shark Tank, only the sharks on the show can invest in the featured companies, but on Unicorn Hunters, viewers can also get in on the investing.

“We will provide millions of people a transparent access to select pre-IPO investment opportunities, which in the past were usually only available to venture capital funds and investment banks,” Konanykhin said in the press release. “The capital raised by the companies featured on the show may reach the nine-figure range and some of them may deliver high returns on investment.”

In an email to MarketWatch, Konanykhin said audience investments “will be handled through FINRA-licensed broker-dealer companies and, in case of a Crowdfunding round, via licensed crowd-funding platforms.”

The show’s website has a section that allows people to pre-register for “special access” to featured companies.

The emergence of this show comes as the number of new investors is spiking. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions more Americans have gotten into various forms of investing.

Unicorn Hunters can be seen on Amazon

Prime Video, LinkedIn Broadcast, Facebook

Video, YouTube and Vimeo.  

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