: This NFL player earns more money per Instagram post than anybody in football — and it’s not Tom Brady


Tom Brady may have just come off a record-breaking seventh Super Bowl championship, but he’s not the king of NFL Instagram — the same goes for the younger and talented Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

The NFL player who makes the most money per sponsored Instagram post is actually not a quarterback, but a wide receiver.

Cleveland Browns star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. makes more per sponsored post on the Facebook-owned

platform than any other NFL player. Beckham makes $58,699 per post, according to data compiled by Pickswise’s Instagram Rich List.

Odell Beckham Jr. makes more per sponsored Instagram post than any player in the NFL.

While Beckham has had an injury-plagued last few season in the NFL, his popularity is still strong. He has the most Instagram followers of any NFL player at 14.3 million, followed by Tom Brady at 9.5 million.

Pickswise’s calculations are done through social marketing company Hypeauditor, which uses application programming interface (API’s) to find follower numbers, engagement rate and use and analyzes previous paid posts, the site told MarketWatch. When available, information from a player’s agent was used to further solidify the per post data.

Odell Beckham Jr.’s salary for the 2021 NFL season is $15.7 million, the 44th highest mark in the NFL and the eighth highest for wide receivers, according to Spotrac. That works out to about $981,200 a game for Beckham — he would need to post 17 sponsored posts on Instagram to equal the amount he would earn for one NFL game.

Beckham, 28, is a three-time NFL Pro Bowler and former rookie of the year — he has eclipsed the 1,000 yards receiving mark five times in his career.

Odell Beckham Jr. and his representation did not respond to a request for comment on this story.

Overall, NFL players make considerably less money per sponsored Instagram post than NBA players. Lakers star LeBron James makes $300,850 per sponsored Instagram post, followed by Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry, who makes $155,100.

LeBron James dominates the NBA earnings on and off the court.

James’s earnings per post is still far Cristiano Ronaldo, who makes $975,000 per sponsored post; he is Instagram’s top pro athlete earner.

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