: Vaccinated and need a vacation? CDC relaxes travel advice for Americans to more than 100 countries.


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued updated travel advice, easing restrictions on more than 100 countries and opening up more destinations to COVID-19 vaccinated Americans.

The CDC updated its country-by-country travel recommendations earlier this week, allowing fully vaccinated Americans to visit a number of new countries, including France, Italy, Spain and Germany. The update also gives specific advice for fully vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers and better differentiates countries with “severe outbreak situations” from those with “sustained, but controlled” COVID-19 spread, the CDC said.

The public health agency moved a number of countries from the highest Level 4 rating to Level 3. The CDC recommends people avoid travel to countries in the “very high” Level 4 category, whereas fully vaccinated travelers can visit Level 3 countries. South Africa, Canada, Mexico and Russia are also among those moved down to Level 3, along with Japan, which is set to host the Olympics next month.

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However, unvaccinated travelers should still avoid nonessential travel to those areas, the CDC advised. Whether Americans can travel to any destination also depends on those countries’ own restrictions. For example, Spain has opened its borders to anyone who has been vaccinated against COVID-19 — barring a few countries such as India with highly contagious variants — while other countries have a color-coded system of entry.

The U.K. remains in Level 3 but as the U.S. is on the country’s ‘amber list,’ vaccinated Americans would have to quarantine for 10 days on arrival.

More than 60 countries remain in the highest category, including Argentina, India, Brazil, Cuba, North Korea and the Netherlands. Before the CDC’s update, 140 countries were in the “very high” risk Level 4 category.

A further 50 countries have been moved from the moderate risk Level 2 category to the low risk Level 1, a CDC spokeswoman confirmed to Reuters, which first reported the update. The low Level 1 category now includes Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, South Korea and Singapore.

European airlines enjoyed gains on Wednesday as news of the changes spread, with German carrier Deutsche Lufthansa

up 3%, Air France-KLM

4.1% higher and British Airways owner IAG

climbing close to 4%.

Shares in United Airlines

and American Airlines

were both modestly higher in premarket trading on Wednesday.

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